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Corporate Credit Card Agreement Form

8. A lost or stolen card must be immediately reported by telephone to First Bankcard Customer Service at (1-800-477-4941) and the Business Office at (308) 385-5900 x144. After being checked by a lawyer, you want each employee who will be issued a common card to review the policy and abre the confirmation form. Once the agreement is signed by all parties involved, be sure to keep a copy of each contract signed in your files if you ever have to apply the directive. 7. Cardholders are responsible for reconciling their monthly statement and correcting any discrepancies by first going to the supplier, then the bank and finally the business office. Enter the same name and/or the same title and service (z.B. crèche, debtors) for lost card notifications. Credit card restrictions are based on the level of each employee of the company. 6. Cardholders are expected to follow internal control procedures to protect district assets. This includes keeping receipts, comparing monthly card statements, and complying with card security measures.

Some companies allow some employees to use the corporate credit card for personal transactions. A lawyer can help you consider policies, procedures and procedures to regulate the use and security of the card and reimbursement of fees. Once a staff member`s credit card application has been approved by the CFO and/or Executive Director, he or she must sign and comply with a staff credit card contract. In this agreement, the employee will sign that he/she recognizes that the company`s credit card belongs [company name] and management has the right to review the fees with or without reason. The credit card contract is issued and submitted by the Financial And Human Resources (HR) department. Our company can provide credit cards to employees that can be used for business expenses. These cards allow us to track and process our expenses, prevent fraud and make payments more efficiently. We want to ensure that employees who have corporate credit cards use them properly and know their limitations and responsibilities. 10. ALL transactions on a district map are subject to review by internal and external auditors.

4. You are the only person authorized to use the card and you are responsible for all fees collected against the card. This example of a model for the use of corporate credit cards is written to be used in a situation where a company provides a business card for use by employees. The agreement is favourable to the employer and makes the employee personally liable for the costs associated with the misuse of the card. Make a free application for a legal lawyer to customize this agreement and other working documents relevant to your business. If our company gives birth to a credit card, you must sign and comply with a credit card contract.