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Deposit Account Control Agreement Chase

The first instruction — An instruction given to the bank comes from the lender, which orders it to stop following the debtor`s instructions. The initial statement often contains a disposition order from the secure part, which allows the insured party to manage the flow of money from the deposit account. A deposit account control agreement (DACA), also known as a control agreement, is a tripartite agreement between a deposit client (the debtor), a client`s lender (the guaranteed party) and a bank. Secure Part (Lender) – part of a DACA that borrows funds and obtains a perfect security interest on the debtor`s deposit account when executing the contract. Why do lenders use account management agreements? Clients often do not host their deposits with their lenders and some lenders do not offer deposit accounts. Lenders enter into deposit account control agreements such as an additional level of default protection and loan repayment assistance. UCC No. 9-104 — The “Single Code of Trade” section that deals with deposit account control. This section enhances the security interests on deposit accounts as an original guarantee. Debtor (client) – As one of the three parts of the DACA, the debtor provides the security and receives the deposits into the deposit account. Deposit Account Control Agreement (DACA) – A tripartite agreement between a client (debtor), an insured party (lender) and a bank that allows the lender to enhance a security interest in the client`s funds by taking control of the deposit account (UCC No. 9-104). Advanced Security Interests – During the execution of the DACA, the insured party will be granted an advanced security interest that granted it, under the Single Code of Commerce, exclusive rights to control the debtor`s deposit account.

Instructions – An instruction to the bank that manages the sale of funds in the account. (a) Money fund revenues are recorded for the 7-day period indicated and do not reflect account charges. Regions have a centralized and experienced account control team that can offer a number of benefits to lenders and clients as well as their law firms. The establishment of a deposit account control agreement allows lenders to upgrade their interest on a debtor`s deposit account (UCC No. 9-104) and to define the disposition instructions (transfer instructions) addressed to the bank with respect to the controlled account or accounts. First, there are two types of account control agreements: assets and liabilities. Active Deposit Account Control Agreement – A control agreement that orders the bank to accept the instructions of the secured party (not the debtor). Before investing, consider the Fund`s investment objectives, risks, and costs and expenses. If you have any other questions, please contact your financial advisor. What are the benefits of creating a DACA with regions? .

To access the current prospectus for one of the money fund`s scanning options above, please click on the links below to visit the Fund`s website. For more information on DACA regions: Contact your regional cash management or relationship manager, call the DACA Central Team at 1-877-453-DACA (1-877-453-3222) or email Call the DACA Central Team at 1.877.453.DACA; or.