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Packet 6 Subject Verb Agreement Answer Key

3 With or in. The windows of the house stick/stick slightly. (B) Cross groups of words within commas. The groups of words between commas often start with: so. Examples: the doctor, as well as the nurses, work and work hard. with. Girls go and go with their dogs every day. with. besides. (C) Cross groups of words that start and include. Examples: the vase or shell was/were a gift. Neither the teacher nor his students were/were here. II.

Find the SUBJECT: (Remember, SUBJECT can`t be one or the words you`ve barred in Number I). Examples subject: All students work and work hard. SUBJECT [girls] go and walk every day with their dogs. SUBJECT either the vase or the [shell] was/were a gift. III. Select the verb: (A) If the SUBJECT is singular, choose the verb that is singular in s. 7 If an element is singular, you prescribe S. If it`s plural, write P. 1. People think of 11 nights a day. The wind howls to 12.

Open to 3. Eulen hoot – 13. tried it at 4. practice – 14. Actor probt – 5 days pass. ______ 15. Studying girls – 6. Monkey chatter – 16. Leaf falls to 7. Karen writes – 17.

Stealing thieves – 8. it seems to be 18. ____ 9. Ziquent Snakes – 19. see 10. Breaking glasses – 20. Lion watches 4 PACKET 1/06 Disk ZZ (52). SUBJECT Verb AGREEMENT .

Exercise 1: In each of the following sentences two verbs are written in parentheses. Search and highlight the SUBJECT first. Then turn the one that matches the SUBJECT. Example: cherry trees (lines, line) of the Potomac. 1. An electric computer (solves, solves) difficult problems quickly. 2 (The verb begins is singular to match the subject singular lindae.). II. Plural subjects take the plural. Examples: Cheetahs run faster than most other animals. (The race is plural to be compatible with the plural cheetah subject.

New families often settle in our neighbourhood. (The verb move is plural to correspond with plural subject families.). Note that extension -s is often a sign of the singular in the verb. Examples: he screams. Everybody sings. NOTE – If a sentence contains a set of verbs, it is the helping verb that corresponds to the SUBJECT. Examples: the engine is running. The engines are working. Examples: the girl was sick. The girls were sick. 1 PACKET 1/06 Disk ZZ (52). Instructions for SUBJECT – Word AGREEMENT I.

(A) Enter all prepositional sentences. Pay particular attention to prepositionphrases that start examples: each student tries/try hard. 10 7. The little baby with the dimples (toboggans, slides) go down the bench. 8. Problems with Bobby (a, must) be resolved. 9. A packet of my daughters were left outside the front door. 10. University courses (requiring) a lot of study. II.

Sometimes phrases other than prepositions follow the SUBJECT. In general, they are introduced by commas and by words and phrases as including, in addition, with, as well as, or accompanied by. SUBJECT does not appear in any of these sentences. Therefore, cross-check all flows that are cooked by commas. Then look for the SUBJECT and put the verb in tune with the SUBJECT. Examples: Mother, with Aunt Sue, (a, have) gone to Canada. The winning candidate, including two of her assistants, entered the room. FOR ALL EXERCICES RESTANTS IN THIS PACKET FOLLOW THESE BASIC DIRECTIONS: 1) Cross sentences that are exhausted by commas.