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Purplebricks Service Agreement

Upon request or by entering into this agreement, we will order third parties, on your behalf, to perform some of the services advertised by Purplebricks. While we do everything in our power to ensure that they continue to provide exceptional service, we cannot assume any responsibility for the conduct and service of these third parties acting on your behalf. These terms and conditions represent your agreement with us. Your use of the De Purplebricks website under and the online platform is subject to these Terms of Use. Last year, Trustpilot asked Trustpilot to remove nearly 1,000 of the 8,500 reviews they received for their real estate agency services. It is unclear how much impact this had on their evaluation on the site. While a free review is available for free or without obligation, if you are a rental company and use the Share Management Service or the Fully Managed service, you cannot use the Introduction Only service for a period of 28 days from the free trial date. “In the market” means advertising on,, and other real estate portals. You may terminate this agreement at the end of the minimum period by revoking your instructions in your account on our website. “Conveyancing Service(s)” means the business fee for the transactional service provided by the Conveyancer or Solicitor for the sale of your property after Purplebricks has been introduced to our third party partner. This excludes any research, withdrawal, mortgage fees, auction fees or taxes or additional fees.

It does not include any costs related to the purchase of additional real estate. The Transmission Services are not provided by Purplebricks and constitute a separate contract between you and the Promoter. Currently, they employ 38 licensed developers, 70 lawyers and 13 legal executives with a combined level of experience of over a thousand years. With this expertise, Premier Property Lawyers offers an “extended online case management service” called eWay. This service allows you to track the status of your sale and stay on top of everything you have to do and the documents you need. “. No one reads online agreements, license agreements, terms of use, privacy policy, and other agreements. » The cost of the mandatory transportation service (“pay later” option only): The amount varies depending on the type and location of the property you are selling. If, while using the Systems, you encounter content that you deem inappropriate or that you find contrary to this Agreement, you may report it by sending an email A potential buyer or tenant is someone who visits a property, gives feedback, makes an offer to buy/sell, or agrees to a sale/assignment.

Purplebricks must communicate the name, address and contact details of the potential buyer or tenant to the seller or lessor (and vice versa) prior to a subsequent visit or visit to the seller`s or lessor`s property. By participating in any of the above processes or services, you agree to your information being disclosed. Given the difference in height they calculate, Purplebricks can`t be expected to offer the same level of service as a High Street agent. And if you like to take on more of the work of selling and aren`t in a hurry to move, Purplebricks might be a useful option….