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Wlusa Agreement

The 365 Laurier Contract Academic Staff (CAS) began its work on March 19, 2008, which resulted in the cancellation of many courses for nearly three weeks. An adjudicator was unable to support the discussions between the university and CAS members, as there were strong disagreements on the most important issues, including salary and seniority. Throughout the strike, there was a lot of support for part-time teachers; a petition was signed by 2750 students, there was a march to the offices of the university administration and several rallies organized by the WLUFA were followed by many students; but the student body did not take a position on this issue. The semester was extended by two days, but students did not receive a refund for missed class time. 4.6 The Committee shall act at least every two (2) months and at such other times as it may decide. Regular meetings may be waived with the agreement of the two Presidents. 10 LET`S OPEN THE FORM . SECTION 7 – APPROVAL WHAT IS THE PROCESS? Sign employee signatureDate:Manager signatureDate: Note: The employee`s signature indicates that this notice has been read and discussed with the manager, but does not necessarily mean an agreement. The parties further agree that the University will not implement a credit history review process for bargaining unit members unless required to do so by a payment card industry (PCI) compliance audit. These procedures would be subject to the mutual agreement of the university and the association. Wilfrid Laurier University`s Board of Governors will meet on Friday, September 11 to ratify the agreement on behalf of the employer. Following each announcement of a new campus, the parties agree to a meeting to discuss and consider the possible renewal of the current WLUSA certificate and possible changes to the existing WLUSA collective agreement. These discussions are not binding on the university and the association.

The Parties agree that, for the duration of the WLUSA/OSSTF 2017-2020 Collective Agreement, the following conditions apply to campaign-funded positions within the Department of Development and Alumni Relations: 17.11.1 When submitting questionnaires in accordance with Article 17.7 or requests for reconsideration under Article 17.8, a full job description must be attached….